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Lucy Crane - Entrepreneur,

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Creating a New Normal

for Online Success & Wealth.

Im going to show you how YOU TOO can LEVERAGE the DIGITAL MARKETING WORLD, escape the heavy lifting of your traditional business and generate a PASSIVE INCOME that pays you 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year whether you are working or not.


Sounds too good to be true… doesn’t it?

Whilst we are surrounded by folks who are promising the dream of making millions in months with a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.. this isnt one of them.  

KNOW THISI am going to show you how you can create complete FINANCIAL & TIME Freedom with a proven LOCATION FREE BUSINESS MODEL that has created multi-millionaires around the world BUT the truth isit will take some investment of your time, energy and money for both learning & applying new skills.

PROVEN FACT: As an Entrepreneur you have a 99% of FAILURE in your traditional business. Can you imagine if instead, you knew that by following a simple system you had a 99% chance of SUCCESS?

WELCOME TO THE DIGITAL MARKETING AGE and congratulations on being 100th of the 1% of the population who now know how to leverage the internet to make money.

What do I do?

I support ambitious women to take advantage of the digital world and to leverage the internet, their skills, work ethic, and vision to create the time, financial freedom, and lifestyle they are looking to create using the most modern business model out there.

What can I do for YOU?

There is no need to spend all day every day hustling in the online space, tirelessly trying to create the next best product, online course or service that you need to convince people to buy. That constant pressure to make your business work, investing in courses, feeling anxious and overwhelmed & on the brim of burnout, financially struggling. 

Instead, let’s leverage your skills, work ethic, & ambition to escape the heavy lifting of traditional business & create one that allows you the time & finances to create memories, travel the world, buy your dream family home, feel fulfilled & pursue your passions with the ability to write your own pay cheque. 

Why continue to be a consumer when you can be making a lot of money on the other side with access to over 3.7 billion online consumers 24 hours a day?

What makes this different from the ‘norm’?

As ambitious women, we are all brought into the dream of creating our own business with the vision of creating the ‘laptop lifestyle.’ But does it really exist? The truth is, your ‘traditional’ business needs your continued time, energy and effort, especially with demanding clients & the constant need to be showing up.

Our model allows you to leverage the internet and get paid to match people’s problems with the ideal solutions (that already exist!). Whilst you have the opportunity to align yourself with products, brands, and services that you are passionate about, there is NO FULFILMENT REQUIRED on your part, no shipping, no storing, no online course creating.

Set this up correctly and in your spare time travel the world, do what you love, be with who you love and make memories that last a lifetime pursuing your purpose and your passions.

Are you ready to embrace the ‘New Norm?’

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