Are you ready to become MAGNETIC to your ideal clients so they come directly to you?


Are you ready to sell more products, recruit more people and/ or generate more income and impact?



The truth is, nobody gets into business to earn nothing. Everyone starts a business from a needs perspective. Whether that be to gain more time or money.

It’s time to stop selling and start consulting your potential customers into a buying decision that’s right for them!

It’s about going after the right audience at the right time who have a problem that you hold the solution for.

I am going to be transparent upfront- organic lead generation is something you need to commit to for the long haul! And it’s about becoming the hunted instead of the hunter.

We want to be creating a profile it ‘Itchy buyers’. What does this even mean I hear you ask?


An ‘itchy’ buyer is somebody that has already recognised they have a problem and they have a need for what it is you have to offer as their solution.

They are self-identified buyers to your products.


“ I already know I need to generate more passive income streams”

“ I already know I need a strategy for organic lead generation”

“ I already know I need support in losing my excess weight”


Whatever it might be it has become a burning desire and they are ready to solve their pain points.


So let’s get started on the 6 Attraction Marketing Hacks.


1. Who is your Niche?

The very fastest way to get traction in your business is to niche down to something very targeted and specific. This can be identified by knowing who you are passionate about serving.

With every niche, there is an active group of people searching for your solution.

You need to be thinking about what problems you solve and from a psychological perspective.

What pain are they currently experiencing?

Your content, value, and offerings need to speak to this one niche with focus on their pain points with your solution.

Remember…. not everyone is the right fit for your business or products.


2. Content Creation

It’s important to be creating content that contains both their problems and solutions ( their most pressing problems!). Once you do that, they will become attracted to you.

Think about the content with your specific message and make sure it gets in front of the right people.

Build value and use content to solve that niche’s problems.


3- Your target is already looking for you!

Every single day, your ideal clients are looking for your solution.

If you search on Google some of the keywords related to your niche and their problems you will see the searches people are making all over the world. Answer these questions in your content.

It’s about giving value so we attract the right types of people into our space.


4- Follow specific pages.

The people you are targeting are already following ‘Guru’s’ in your niche. These gurus have already been putting out a tone of value and content for your ideal clients.

Through looking at what these guys are doing you can start to see a pattern here for building personal value and building a personal brand.

It starts with who your ideal clients are, and these people following the gurus are already willing to pay for the solutions, they are already liking these things and they are self-identifying themselves as ready to go!


5- Know where people are at.

You need to be able to know how to identify people’s issues with where they are at and then marry up a particular service to the problem. Some people are aware of their problems but aren’t yet ready to look for the solution. Whilst others may be completely unaware they even have a problem yet. You want to be targeting those who know they have a problem and are willing to do anything for it to be solved.


6- The pain points.

Remember this about attracting ‘itchy’ buyers. When you speak to them in a way that focuses on their pain points and they are ready to do something about it, it’s far more powerful! They need to have intense pain, that makes them ready to solve it now.



My final thought to share here is the importance of consistency. Like everything, timing is everything. Have a strategy to attract your clients and keep going until….

Never stop dreaming!