Meet Lucy…

Hi, I’m Lucy…Your Business Success Coach & visionary behind Glow Society™.

A global community that supports women to step into the best versions of themselves (both professionally and personally) and create the lifestyle, business and financial freedom to pursue their boldest dreams.

Back in 2008, I made the brave decision to leave my teaching career following years of dedication, sacrifice, and hard work. It was such a daunting decision but I knew it was necessary for me to be truly happy. 

For so long I had felt incredibly trapped and robbed of the life I desired. I remember wishing my life away for the weekends and carrying so much guilt for never being truly present to who and what really mattered to me most (stuck on the treadmill of life). Every part of my life was negatively impacted as a knock-on effect. If it wasn’t my finances it was my health. If it wasn’t my career it was my relationships. I was shut down, overwhelmed, and in all honesty wishing for that ‘winning lottery ticket’ to solve my problems. Buying material things to fill the empty void became a habit and gradually put me into more and more debt which left me feeling like a complete failure riddled with anxiety and guilt. 

I would spend hours daydreaming about the ‘What if’s’ in life… ‘what if I could travel the world, what if I could work from anywhere in the world, what if I had the money to buy my dream home and be the stay at home mum that I’ve always wanted to be…what if I didn’t need to do this long commute anymore and turned my passions into profit.’ 

I finally came to realise that the only way the ‘what if’s’ of my life could ever come into fruition was by me taking responsibility to change my own circumstances. I needed to re-skill myself and re-create my life in a way that reflected my own vision and values. 

Making the move online was totally overwhelming and confusing at first. I lacked so much clarity and confidence in myself (and at the time had no idea what my purpose was!) and although I was scared to invest, I ended up spending thousands in my personal growth, skill set and qualifications. 

I endured many failures, sloppy investments, and learned a hell of a lot of wisdom along the way. Wisdom I can now share with you to ensure you don’t make the mistakes I did. 

And after it all….I have created my own version of extraordinary. I am present every day to be the auntie, partner, daughter, and sister I want to be with the freedom to work from anywhere in the world where no dream is too big. I have authored three best-selling books, created numerous successful businesses that pay me passively, achieved an income I never thought possible for me, and founded a global company that positively impacts the lives of women from around the world. 

But this isn’t about me, this is about showing you what’s possible and instead of it taking you years as it did me, you can be there in months. 

My years of experience have enabled me to cultivate the secret formula to true happiness, success, and fulfilment with the exact business blueprint to take you from zero to £10K months and doing what lights you up and more importantly delivers the lifestyle that you desire. More than that, I’ll help you to step into the best version of you in every area of your life as I know that’s where happiness and fulfilment can truly be attained. 

I wholeheartedly believe you are capable of having it all and living a life of uncompromised dreams. I know you have so many memories you still want to create, so many dreams left unfulfilled and so many experiences you want to have. I also know it’s scary to make a change and to even think that any of this is possible for you. I used to feel the same and of course, it will take some commitment and bravery to step into the unknown but I know it will be worth it. Because be honest with yourself,  if nothing changes…. will that be OK? 

If you put your trust in me, together I will take you from start to finish with my proven business and life mastery blueprint so that you can create whatever extraordinary looks like for you. 

It’s time to create and step into the highest and most inspired vision for your life with a business that brings you the independence and freedom to pursue your boldest dreams. 

Whatever your reason for being here, I wholeheartedly support you,


VIP Accelerator Day

An exclusive full day 1:1 Experience for women who are ready to turn their ideas into a successful online business. Together we dive deep into my £10K a month Business Blueprint & create your exact roadmap to build your dream business and a life you love.

One:One Exclusive

A bespoke 1:1 Coaching Programme for ambitious women who are looking to change the trajectory of their life to one of more freedom, financial independence and happiness with the exact Blueprint to create a successful online business to £10K months and beyond. 

Group Coaching

A 3-month coaching and mentoring programme for women who are ready to turn their ideas into reality and escape the status quo with a step by step blueprint and strategy to start and scale an online business they love to £10K months and beyond.