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Meet Lucy…

Hey Im Lucy,

a Serial Opportunist and Entrepreneur.

Chances are you’re here because youre hoping there is a better way to creating financial and time freedom. A way that allows you the choices to be wherever you want, with who ever you want, doing whatever you want, whilst bringing you a complete sense of fulfilment and purpose

Good news, there is!


So who am I?

I was born in the UK, England in 1989. I grew up with my older sister and parents and am now fortunate enough to be surrounded by my beautiful nephews, niece, and family.

My parents live in a place called Devon, for those of you who dont know what this looks like – Imagine this……

You wake up every day surrounded by green grass and beautiful countryside, country pubs, country walks and the sounds of running streams, singing birds, & the sea coming into the shore. Its nature at its best.

Boring for some? I get it- we all have our own dreams. Visits here were just always a great reminder for the life I was so desperately trying to create in my entrepreneurial journey.  One that made me feel FREE. Free from worry, free from pressure, free from being accountable to everyone and everything all of the time. Free from demanding clients, the noise on social media and all of the stresses that come with building a traditional business.

BUT that’s not the kind of thing you’re looking for I guess.

I know youre thinking: How can YOU help me?

Simple answer: By sharing my journey, my knowledge, my wisdom and the very same opportunity that changed my life forever and has given me my FREE life and can do the same for you too.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I had always had a burning desire to do more, be more and give more but never knew there was anything else apart from the traditional JOB.I strived to achieve as many letters after my name as I could just to feel like I was successful. Even with a Sports Science Degree, Teaching Degree and Masters in Education, I was still broke, trapped in a job that dictated when I could take a holiday, exhausted trying to save for my first home and that one holiday a year.

The educational system doesnt teach us how to create wealth, manage money or leverage the digital world. Instead, it teaches us to get an education and get a job. Its a mindset we entrepreneurs eventually find a way of breaking away from at some point in our lives. I know you would have had that moment for yourself too. That point for me was when network marketing found me.

This really was the first new insight into what another wayof working might look like. It enabled me to dream again and whilst I am forever grateful to the journey network marketing gave me, truth be told, I still felt really restricted. I had to align myself with products that potentially didn’t rock my world and inspire the uninspired on a continuous basis. As much as this model works for some, and it enabled me to quit my job and work from home, it didn’t bring the freedom or fulfillment I was seeking.

So what next?

I thought of creating my own traditional online business, where unlike network marketing I was the one driving my own bus and would get paid from my own efforts. I had nailed it! right?

My own business would allow me the freedom, flexibility, finances and time to live my best life


I found myself working all day every day, even when on holidays, waking up to calls and messages from demanding clients, forcing myself to show up because its part of being a successful entrepreneur,panicking as each clients contract was coming to an end fiercely looking for the next prospect I could convince  that I had the exact product they needed.

I kept thinking, just keep going and I will have my big breakright?


The outcome was a struggling entrepreneur, anxious about money, overweight and unhappy due to neglecting my own health for work and struggling to keep up on the brink of burnout.

I also learned that I really had no passion when it came to a lot of the previous businesses that I had pursued. It was a means to an end because I had invested so much money in coaches who had told me this was my calling. I had spent money creating a brand, paying for logos, websites and business materials, and so I convinced myself it will all work out one day! I was stuck in the mindset of having to make it work! desperate to avoid the pain of going back to a JOB” (Just. Over. Broke) 

So what next?

I don’t believe anything happens by accident, and following the attendance of an event by Mr. Tony Robbins himself doors to new opportunities opened for me.

I was given two free tickets to an event. over 30,000 people were given the same tickets and less than 100 took the opportunity to invest their time in what it had to offer. This is what separates the optimist from the opportunist, I guess. I was one of those 100 people, sitting in the audience open to learning anything I could.

Light bulb moment!

This event changed EVERYTHING for me, and I learned about generating wealth, passive incomes and the hidden magic of leveraging the internet and digital marketing world. I could not believe what had been under my nose the whole time and whilst I had spent 28 years prior to this being a consumer, spending money. I was ready to get on the other side of the fence and start earning an income from the 3.7 billion online users and leaving behind the headache of my traditional business.

Why wasn’t everyone doing this? I thought.  

The truth is most of you will be like I was, completely unaware that the opportunity even exists, or potentially you have dipped your toe into a few affiliate products and never seen the bigger picture behind it. The ultimate lifestyle business model.

So I jumped in with two feet!

They say everything happens for a reason and when embarking on this journey I remember seeing an advert pop up on YouTube promoting this lifestyle business. The very same FREE on-demand workshops that you have access to right here is what gave me wings to fly in this industry.

What does this mean for you?

You have everything you need to do your due diligence, explore the opportunity inside and out and discover if its for you or not. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, so I encourage you to watch the workshops, explore everything you need to know and make a decision that’s right for you.  If you decide to get started, you have everything you need to start your very own digital marketing business from scratch and be the creator of your future. There isn’t a tool you need that isnt provided so even if you are new to all of this that’s OK too.

The choice is yours!

This opportunity takes time, it takes dedication and it takes some commitment. If you have read this far, I know you have all of those things anyway.  

You may not know it yet, but with the right work ethic and application, you have the potential to completely transform your life in less than 12 months creating a lifestyle business that you are truly passionate and excited about.

Never underestimate what you can achieve in a year.

If you decide to join our community online, I wholeheartedly welcome you and am with you every step of the way.  

To your success!