I know we are currently living in a very uncertain time, one that is installing so much fear and worry in people and whilst I can’t change the world, I can certainly offer my time to support as many people as I can. It’s in these moments we need to try and stay focused on what we can control because inevitably there will be so much that’s out of our control.


I know one of the biggest fears and worries for people is their financial security, their job security, and how the economy is going to be impacted over the next 12 months. And whilst there is nothing we can do to change this, there are certainly ways in which you can take back control and get yourself prepared for what’s to come.


There is now an amazing opportunity to re-invent yourself, re-skill yourself and look at the longer-term security and life you want to live. This is not about grabbing the next low hanging fruit, or quick win online. This is about seriously taking a look at your life, your values and investing your energy and time into learning the skills to live that life in alignment with your highest values. Believe me, chasing the next quick win won’t work.


Self-education will. Affiliate Marketing was a lifeline for me and there are so many advantages for those who are just starting out online. I’ve had people reaching out to me over the last week asking lots of questions about how they can get started, what steps to take, where they can learn what they need to learn etc and quite honestly there is a whole heap of information overload out there. I will be supporting people who are looking for an alternative to the status quo- i.e leaving their income and life in the hands of their boss and the economy.


For some of you, you are going to be gaining a huge amount of time to reinvent yourself- not just for now but for the long term too. Focus on re-skilling yourself, re-creating yourself and I promise you will protect yourself from what the economy may do over the next 12 months.


I am opening my diary for anyone who wants to ask me questions, explore what it is and get guidance on the steps they need to take. I will pop my link below so feel free to call- even if you have no idea if you can do it.

With Love,

Lucy x