In my very first week on officially launching myself as an affiliate marketer, I earned $1240 whilst I was sleeping…

I know to some this seems minimal, but to me, coming from a place where I was use to having to chase money to make money, the concept of money flowing to me felt like I had won the lottery.

After receiving these first few payments it really was the first time I knew I had found ‘the thing’ I had been searching for my whole entrepreneurial life.


It was the VERY FIRST time I was confident I could finally create the financial and time freedom I had been striving for.


It was the VERY FIRST TIME I had created a business that literally paid me whilst I slept ( never did I think I could ever achieve that!)


It was the VERY FIRST TIME I had earned an income that didn’t feel like a push or a hustle or an exchange of my time for money.


It was the VERY FIRST time I hadn’t had to spend hours (in fact any time at all!) creating my own products that I needed to convince people to buy! I simply shared a product/ opportunity to match someone’s wants and needs.


It was the VERY FIRST time I hadn’t had to look for leads, and have calls all day to convert into paying clients.


And all the while, feeling completely fulfilled knowing that by me sharing what I was passionate about, it had the potential to shape peoples lives around the world.


Affiliate marketing allows you to align yourself with products, brands, businesses, and services that light you up, that your proud of and that relate to your passions and your purpose. Not only that, as your hobbies, and passions change over time you have the ability to move between businesses and products continuously. In this day an age, you can literally focus on any niche out there! The world is your oyster! On top of that, you can take advantage of a business model that takes away a lot of the heavy lifting thus giving you the opportunity to automate lots of what you do. This is where time and financial freedom follow…


It sounds too good to be true?


Please don’t mistake affiliate marketing for a ‘push this button and the money will come rolling in type of business.’ That doesn’t exist- but if you treat it with the due diligence it deserves you will see it’s a legitimate business model that has no glass ceiling and it can literally be whatever you want it to be.

When I found affiliate marketing it served as a lifeline for me.

Affiliate marketing allowed me to escape what was feeling like the ‘real struggles’ of the online world. A world that felt difficult and as each year passed I was still no closer to living that ‘dream life.


The truth is……..

When you achieve both time and finical freedom it gives you the opportunity to pursue other things that you are passionate about. It enables you to impact the world in ways only you know how and work towards causes that mean something to you. Things that in a traditional business you just wouldn’t have the capacity to do.


Affiliate marketing really offers so much scope and I feel in this day and age everyone should at least understand it. Whether that’s something they pursue full time or as a side hustle.


So what actually is it?


Very simple it’s where you get paid commissions for helping other businesses and brands promote and sell more of their products and services.

One of the reasons it’s so powerful in today’s world is that almost all major brands and services have an affiliate program.

I will give you an example with Amazon.com. With access to thousands of niche’s and brands, you can endorse anything from clothing, photography equipment, electronics or anything you are passionate about.

Trust me, as you start to understand this you will realise how much opportunity is around you.

If you are buying products online, other people are too!



How does it work on a technical level?


1- You sign up on an affiliate program.
2- You get a unique advertising link.
3- Anyone who goes through the link and purchases on that site, generates commissions for you.


On top of this, there are so many amazing advantages to being an affiliate. There is absolutely no fulfilment required on your part, no shipping, no storing, no customers service, no technical stuff like merchant accounts or payments. You literally learn how to market the right products to the right people at the right time through digital marketing. The result of these brands, products, and businesses getting these customers means money for you.

You have the ability to write your own paycheque, it’s down to you and you’re not relying on anyone else but instead are supported by the advances in technology!

There are so many affiliate marketers around the world making millions and millions of pounds every year through this modern business model and not enough people know it exists.


I know what your thinking….”this all sounds great but I have no idea how I would start!”


That’s where one of the largest training platforms in the world can support you! The very same platform that gave me my wings to start my affiliate journey. The very same platform that gave me everything I needed including the techy tools, the training and the support to not only get started, but to flourish, become a professional and earn money whilst I learn.

The opportunity is there for you too!




To access the very same workshops that enabled me to understand all there is to know before diving two feet in feel free to visit my website at https://www.lucy-crane.com or click the link below:


These free workshops will enable you to do your own due diligence and really understand if this indeed is the right path for you or not.



There is so much to this business and this really is just the beginning but I hope it has given you some food for thought about what’s possible for you because it really is an opporutnity for anyone!

Never stop dreaming!

With Love,